Wednesday, May 20, 2009

we're on our way...

We made it to the Minneapolis airport after a bumpy bumpy flight. It was windy here so the landing was quite scary but we made it :) We have a 6 hour layover so we're hanging out in the Delta World Club... relaxing!!

the view from our window
Naomi watching a movie & eating carrot sticks
free wine, beer, cheese, crackers and almonds... does it get better than this?Airport sushi--not all that bad, actually
Naomi loves it :)
bored at the airport & goofing off... too much fun!!


  1. Uh ohhhhh.... Let's do it....

    I will follow your trip... Well, I can guarantee that we will see wonderful and nice pictures....

    Have fun and be careful....


  2. OMG, at the airport AND having tons of fun? That's the way to start a trip! :)

  3. Take pleanty of pictures so we can experience and enjoy the trip. Camille's e-mail is, put her on your list.

  4. Ah, send us some cardamon...By the way, chicken biriani became part of our menu; I do keep you mother's recipe.

  5. i must agree; layovers call for club room access! especially when you're traveling with a pregnant woman!!

  6. Great pic Arlene!!!!!!!!!!! Naomi has grown soooooooo much!!!!!!