Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello Mumbai

We made it, we made it!! It's wonderful to finally be here.

Traffic outside the airport... I wish I could've captured just how close cars are to each other. I thought we were going to get hit about 12 or 13 times on our 10 minute drive to the hotel but we didn't--not once. Pretty impressive driving goes on in India
This is just outside our hotel... a very colorful marketplace! Feels like we're in the heart of it all. Love it!!
Inside our hotel relaxing
Hotel Midland--this is what it looks like from the outside
Getting our eat on... this is Masala Dosa: Kind of like a pancake but not sweet with coconut chutney and potatato salad type thing. Yummy!! Naomi and Devin ate this and LOVED it
Mutton Biryani: this is what I ate!! Can you just see the heat from the picture? very spicy
A vegetable market right outside our hotel... so fresh & they do this daily


  1. WOW....

    It is good to know that you guys are having a wonderful trip. And we can the results already: Nice and wonderful pictures as well...
    So, don't hesitate to click the bottom on the camera and take as much photos as you can...

    Bless you all...

  2. Thanks!! It's been great so far and I'm enjoying sharing this amazing experience :)

  3. that looks amazing! and so fun! it looks like you guys are having so much fun! I miss you guys!! Have fun!!