Random things about ME

1. Everyday I wake up I am even more in love with my daughter
2. If I didn’t work out and fitness wasn’t my job, I’d easily be 300+ lbs due to my love of food, beer and wine
3. I have eaten fish heads & chicken heads and think they are extremely delicious; like I said, I love food… I don’t discriminate. 
4. I’m tougher than I look
5. I could most certainly drink you under the table 
6. Although I was born in a small village in India I spent most of my growing up in Saudi Arabia and no, I didn’t live in a desert cave while riding camels to school
7. I’ve been to India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Cyprus, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, The Netherlands and would like to visit as many countries as I can before I die
8. I think ER is the absolute best TV show and I haven’t missed a single episode in its 15 year run… 
9. My husband was my best friend in high school and still is
10. Skiing is my brand new obsession and someday I’ll be good enough to jump out of a helicopter… I’m a loooong way from that
11. When I was a girl my parents thought I’d be the next Steffi Graf
12. I find it hard to believe there are still people out there that don’t text message… how do you live?
13. Books make me happy, not just reading but buying, collecting, giving, talking about… give me a bookstore and a cup of coffee (or five) and I am completely content…for hours.
14. The Princes Bride could possibly be the greatest movie ever and I know almost every single line
15. I'm the ultimate procrastinator.
16. I enjoy hanging out and laughing with my brother… sometimes we laugh so hard it’s impossible for either one of us to stop
17. I secretly love to listen to my daughters Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana songs… shhhhh
18. 80’s music is crucial to my happiness
19. I do the laundry but have a hard time getting the clothes out of the dryer, folding them and getting them put away
20. I sing extremely loud in my car and the shower (for the record I have a terrible voice), and when I first download a song I like I will play it over and over again until everyone around me is sick of it
21. One of my favorite things to do is capture memories by taking pictures of people 
22. People fascinate me and I’m always trying to ‘jump in their shoes’… 
23. My all time favorite movie quote: ‘Man up and vanished like a fart in the wind!’ makes me laugh every single time, without fail… anyone know the movie?
24. Here are some food parings I cannot live without… beer and hot wings (I’m partial to hooters or buffalo wild wings), salmon sashimi and sairacha, ribeye steak and mashed potatoes, my moms sambar and rice
25. I think facebook is marvelous… and I thank it for reconnecting me with so many long lost friends from all over the world