Thursday, May 28, 2009

Village of Attoor... my hometown

We flew from Mumbai to Trivandrum and then drove 2 hours to my village Attoor. I haven’t updated in a couple of days because I didn’t have access to the internet in the village. Right now I’m blogging from a hotel in Kovalam, Kerala where we’re spending a couple of days taking in the beach.

My parents house in Attoor

My grandfather's house
Driving on these tiny tiny roads can be a bit scary but as you can see, they make it work
Unlike North India, South India (Karela and Tamil Nadu) is very tropical and everywhere you look you see green
A typical store you see everywhere while you’re driving or walking around… they sell coffee fruit drinks, sodas and local fresh fruits
small shops along the roads that sell deep fried good like banana fritters… yummy
This is our compost/trash pile in our back yard. In villages we have to dispose trash ourselves so most homes will have this… just a hole in the ground for trash
We also have to get our own drinking water so most home will have a well
No store to buy milk--the milkman comes by on his scooter 2 times a day

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