Thursday, May 21, 2009

London Calling

Don't have much time to blog (computer battery running low) so I'll make this one quick... We've arrived safely after an 8 hour flight. After a bit of London fun we're off to Mumbai; see you there :)

all you can do on a 8 hour flight is watch movies, eat, and SLEEP!!Looks like the flight we'll be getting on nextHeathrow AirportThere's only 4 of these couches in the entire terminal so you have to be a pretty crafty stalker to get one... but boy is it worth it!! I want to take one home with me...if you're ever in Heathrow Airport you must go here... best Sushi in a box, ever!! I know I should be eating fish and chips but I just cannot resist the sushi ;)all Salmon all the time makes Arlene a very happy girl :)


  1. Wow that Salmon looks GREAT. 8 hrs is a long time on a plane, I don't know how you did it!!!!!!!!

  2. i adore sleeping photos! super cute!