Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is Here: 365 day 130

Not the best composed picture (I hate cutting off limbs) but I had to post it anyway because it captures just how much joy we were having down at the canal doing absolutely nothing.  Btw, can you tell this text in pictures is becoming somewhat of an obsession--lol 
365: 130 Little MomentsAnd finally it looks like spring is here.  I would have never noticed these little guys last year when I wasn't toting my camera around everywhere.  That's the greatness of photography, it's opened up my world and I have such a huge new appreciation for the simple things in life.First Sign of Spring


  1. I agree with the quote on the first photo. which is amazing by the way!

  2. I can almost feel the joy from here. You guys do it hard in winter. I love the second image and like you I have started noticing the little things that once were overlooked.

  3. I feel the exact same way! In the last year I have noticed all the small things, especially in nature, that I wouldnt have before. I like it. :)