Friday, April 8, 2011

Catching Up

As you may or may not know I've been on Vacation this past week. Can you guess where we were?
yes, that's right... the sunshine state, Florida (Tampa). My husband was getting an award there and most of our family lives there. Here are some pictures of the cute kids in the family...
and this is Naomi with her dad :)


  1. Great pictures.....

    How did that pine cone taste?

    How cool the award was given where family live.

  2. Beautiful photos! especially the last one. they look alike a lot!

  3. Handsome family!! An award...hope it came with a bonus! :-D

    Good thing you left got really hot here this week!

  4. beautiful family!
    i LOVE your processing!

  5. Do you use any photoshop actions for eye sharpening? If so what is it?

  6. Assiya no, not photoshop (I'm too new to it to even know what I'm doing with PS) I sharpen eyes in Lightroom 3 and it's super easy I increase the exposure to +.50, Saturation to +70, and clarity to +45. Hope that helps