Friday, April 15, 2011

Fence Friday: 365 day 135

So there's this very popular group on flickr called fence Friday and like the name suggests you can only submit pictures of fences on Fridays.  I've been admiring all the amazing fence shots on there since I joined flickr and finally I feel ready to post one of my own... Happy Fence Friday blog friends : ))
*btw, looking at this picture you'd think it was fall here but nope, this is our "beginning of spring"
365: 135 My First Fence Friday !!and here's and exta picture I took a couple of days ago when it was sunny. We're expected to get snow this weekend... ykies!!  Hopefully the weather people got it wrong.  Happy Weekend and I wish you a fun, relaxing weekend
It's Sunny Now...


  1. Beautiful photo of the fence! your daughter looks beautiful as well!

  2. That DOF of the fence is to die for. Love them.