Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Appallingly bad idea??: 365 day 37

About 6 months ago my friend Nicole convinced me to sign up for the Disney half marathon. Click here to find out how I felt about it back then.  Now 6 months later and 4 days before the race I'm thinking was this an atrociously bad idea? I'm starting to get extremely nervous, having thoughts like did I train enough, will I pass out, will I DIE, and plain old feelings of being scared.  Ahhhh!!!  What have I gotten myself into?  I'm not a runner... YIKES!! Truth be told I haven't trained all that much but my longest run *has* been 10 miles 3 weeks ago so I should be good, right? LOL at any rate, here are my tools for the race...


  1. Arlene!!! How are you my friend? A good friend of mine is also doing the marathon. I am sure you will be fine...come-on come-on come-on (your words not mine, lol)!