Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney Marathon? What was I Thinking?

It's official folks, I've signed up for my 1st half marathon.  I'll be running the Disney Half Marathon on January 8th 2010.  What was I thinking, you ask?  Hmm, let's see--back in February 2009 I tore my ACL from a skiing accident and had surgery to repair it.  I went nearly 6 months without exercising which nearly killed me.  With every month that went by I found myself getting less & less fit. So when my friend Nicole asked me if I'd be interested in running a half marathon with her I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity for me to get my butt moving again. Not to mention lose the extra weight I've gained since the accident.  30 pounds to be exact--yes, even personal trainers/fitness instructors can gain weight.  Most of us eat and drink too much which is why we work out so hard.  At any rate,  I'm a goal oriented person, I accomplish nothing if I don't set goals--so really if you think about it, I had absolutely no choice but to sign up!!  

But truth be told, this half marathon has my heart in my throat just thinking about it; the excitement pulsating through my veins at the thought of breathlessly crossing the finish line, accomplishing that humongous task, falling to my knees, weak and proud. Invigorated yet exhausted with an icy cold beer in my hand!!


  1. You will do great. Sometimes it's the goals you set without thinking that are the most fun.

    30 lbs huh -- my journey starts in earnest today. I got your back (and will hand you virtual water bottles on the route.

  2. I sure hope you're right!! And thanks for the support.