Sunday, October 10, 2010

Through my Camera's eye!

Recently for my birthday I got a new DSLR camera-- a Canon XSi.  I've always been interested in photography but I didn't know just how much I loved it until I got this camera.  I've had this camera for a total of 10 days and I've been taking pictures non stop.  So I thought I'd post some of them for you to enjoy...
It's fall in the Upper Peninsula so... enjoy it through my Camera's eyes--This picture was taken right outside my house, on the deckmy back yard
A short 10 minute drive and this is what you see 
Covered Road

the edge of fall
life as a leaf
Ok so the last 3 aren't fall pictures but come on how cute is she? 
after school snack
and I absolutely had to add a picture of Chaos...
My dog Chaos
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