Monday, March 28, 2011

Free as a Bird: 365 day 117

It's spring break for her so she's free free free all this week... can you just feel her joy? And if that wasn't enough, the weather has been really nice today--sunny and in the mid-30's. Yes, believe it or not mid-30's is awesome weather for us in late March ; )
365: 117 Free as a Bird


  1. wow. where do you live? it's so pretty there, and the photo is amazing :)

  2. P.S i follow you on twitter :]

  3. thanks Elizabeth, I'm following back : ) I live in Upper Peninsula, MI and to tell you the truth it's anything but pretty at the moment. All the snow is melting & there's just mud, mud, mud everywhere. CanNOT wait for true spring to get here